FRIDAY 12-06-20


12 Jump Overs 

12 Deadlifts 

9 Burpees

**Rest 2:30**


12 Long Cycle (6/R then 6/L)

24 Double Unders or 48 Single Skips or Taps 


For the jump overs start with your feet hip width apart facing the bell (or DB or line) and jump over landing on both feet and a bend in your knees on the other side. Turn to face the bell again and rep for 10 reps each round.

Using a heavy Kettlebell or 2 lighter Dumbbells perform 7 deadlifts starting with the bell between your feet, hinge at the hips so your chest is over the bell.  Keep your heels down and bend the knees, pull your chest up keeping your arms straight and long.  Dig your heels into the ground and squeeze your butt keeping your arms straight. Once you are standing fully, hinge the hips and bend the knees to bring the object back to the ground keeping your chest up and back flat throughout the movement.

For the burpees - jump or step back the feet perform a push up and then jump or step back in and spring back up into a jump with a clap above your head. Ensure your chest and thighs hit the floor on each rep.


**Rest 2:30 Mins**


Long Cycle Press as taught by Coach. 

Double Unders or you can sub for single skips or taps against the KB. If you do skips/taps the reps move to 48 per round. 




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  • Razer on

    R1 -3 rounds plus 12 jump overs and 12 deadlifts
    R2 – 4 rounds plus 6 l/c
    20kg weight

  • Carol Forbes on

    R1 3 + 6 deadlifts
    R2 3 + 32 toetaps

  • OGFySYuNzZKE on


  • uVtjrCBPof on


  • Rob Smart on

    1 = 3 rounds 32kg KB DLs
    2 = 3 rounds and 12 longcycle 24kg

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