MONDAY 04-05-20

Sid’s 50th Birthday WOD

Buy In: 

19 Burpees

70 Taps



50 Plate / KB Hops

50 KB Swings

50 Alt. Lunges

50 Air Squats

50 sec Plank


Buy Out:

19 Burpees

70 Taps

Burpees - For the burpees you can either step or jump back, perform a push up and then step or jump the feet back in and perform a jump with a clap above your head. Make sure your chest and thighs touch the ground on each rep.

Taps can be against a Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Plate, Skirting.. jogging on spot ensure your toe touches the object in an alternating fashion.  You can change these for single skips.  

Plate /KB hops - stand side on to your plate / KB and with two feet jump sideways over the plate / bell landing with two feet at the other side - repeat for 50 reps.

KB Swings - as coach teaches them.

Alternating Lunges - standing tall, step forward with your first foot, keeping your chest up and making sure your knee doesn’t come over the front of your toes, bed you back leg so that you knee touches the floor, stand all the way up and switch legs to repeat.  Your back knee should touch the floor on each rep.

Air Squats - For the Air squats, start with your feet shoulder width apart. Ensure you keep your chest high and your heels digging into the ground, move your butt back and down until your butt is lower then your knees, avoid collapsing at the bottom, drive up from the bottom position and stand fully.

50 secs plank on your toes and elbows, ensure you stay tight through your middle, your back flat and your bum down but no sagging.  Pull your belly button in and squeeze your bum and stay nice and solid throughout.



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