THURSDAY - 02-07-20


20 KB/DB Hop Overs

10 Goblet Squats

5 Shoulder Press 

Score: Total Rounds and Reps


For this WOD you will start the clock and cycle through the movements for 12 minutes counting your rounds and reps. 

20 KB/DB Hope Overs - For the hop over, stand next to one dumbbell or kettlebell and hop laterally over it, 2 feet hopping and landing together then hop back. Each hop is one rep.

10 Goblet Squats - For the Goblet Squat hold the weight at your chest.  Feet shoulder width apart with the heels down.  Lift your chest and tighten your belly.  Reach your butt back and down.  Keep your heels down as you drive your knees out.  Ideally you will get your butt lower than your knees at the bottom with heels down, knees out, and chest up!  Drive through your heels to stand!

5 Shoulder Press - single bell, 5 reps on one side and then switch sides for next round and cycle. Doubles, 5 each round.  Start strict and move through push press and onto jerk as required.


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  • Sandra on

    10 rounds + 10 goblets

  • Darren Cochrane on

    9 rounds + 6 goblet squats

  • Carol Forbes on

    10 rounds plus 8 hops
    2 * 10kg bells for shoulders

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