THURSDAY 18-06-20


30 - 20 - 10

KB Swings

Sit Ups

Push Ups

Goblet Squats


Score: Total Time 


For this WOD you will complete 30 KB Swings, 30 Sit ups, 30 Push ups, 30 Goblet Squats, 30 Lunges and then 20 reps of each movement and then finally 10 reps of each to finish. 

KB swings can be American or Russian.

Sit Ups - Start with the soles of your feet together. Your upper back and shoulders should be on the ground. Your hands should touch the ground behind your head. Flex your abdominals and pull your torso up to a seated position. During the ascent, reach your arms forward. To complete the movement, stack your shoulders over your hips and extend your spine and touch your toes. 

For the Push Ups, keep your body rigid, with your shoulders above or beyond your wrists and hand just wider than shoulders width. Squeeze your butt, thighs and belly, no sagging or snaking hips!

Ensure you keep your chest up in the goblet squats and don’t curl your back. With your feet shoulder width apart keeping your heels digging into the ground and your belly tight bring your butt back and down while driving your knees out. Try to reach depth that your butt is lower then your knees but avoid collapsing at the bottom.  Keep the chest up, belly tight and knees out. Drive through the heels to stand.

For the lunges make sure you take a long enough step each time that the front heel stays down, with your knee out, when your back knee lightly touches (or comes close).  Keep your chest up and drive through your heel to stand completely between reps.


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  • Karen Masson on

    Karen 10:22
    Jake 9:42
    Kadie 9:48

  • Rob Smart on

    11:08 24kg swings, 32kg barbell back squats 🥵

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