FRIDAY - 17-07-20


1 Min Push Ups

Rest 20 secs

1 Min Burpees

Rest 20 secs

1 Min Plank 

Rest 20 Secs 

Score: Total Push Ups and Burpees 

For this WOD you will complete 1 Minute of Push Ups, rest 20 secs, 1 Minute of Burpees, rest 20 secs 1 min of Plank, rest 20 secs and then repeat another twice for a total or 3 Rounds. 

For the Push Ups, keep your body rigid, with your shoulders above or beyond your wrists and hands just wider than shoulders width. Squeeze your butt, thighs and belly, no sagging or snaking hips!

For the burpees - jump or step back the feet perform a push up and then jump or step back in and spring back up into a jump with a clap above your head. Ensure your chest and thighs hit the floor on each rep. 

For the Plank, try to complete the full minute, keep your core tight, your butt down and your body in a clean line. No sagging or snaking! Come down to rest as required, don’t sacrifice your form.


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