SATURDAY - 08-08-20

EMOM Death by:

Every Minute for as long as you can last (Or 20 Mins)

Min 1: 6 KB. Deadlifts + 1 Lateral Burpees Over KB

Min 2: 6 KB Deadlifts + 2 Lateral Burpees Over KB

Min 3: 6 KB Deadlifts + 3 Lateral Burpees Over KB

Min 4: 6 KB Deadlifts + 4 Lateral Burpees Over KB

Min 5: 6 KB Deadlifts + 5 Lateral Burpees Over KB.......

And so on until you either can't make the reps within the minute or the clock hits 20 mins.

Always do 6 KB Deadlifts and add one lateral Burpee over the KB to each round in each minute.

Score: Completed number of minutes (rounds) + Any additional Reps (so if you only manage 6 DL's and 12 Burpees in Minute 13 your score will be 12 + 18.

Using a KB or Barbell perform 6 deadlifts at the start of each new minute starting with the bell between your feet, hinge at the hips so your chest is over the bell. Keep your heels down and bend the knees, pull your chest up keeping your arms straight and long.  Dig your heels into the ground and squeeze your butt keeping your arms straight. Once you are standing fully, hinge the hips and bend the knees to bring the object back to the ground keeping your chest up and back flat throughout the movement.

For the burpees - stand side on to your KB or Barbell jump or step back the feet perform a push up and then jump or step back in and jump laterally over the KB / BB, 2 feet hopping and landing together then perform the next burpee on the side you land at before jumping back to the other side for the next rep.  Each Burpee + jump over is one rep.. Ensure your chest and thighs hit the floor on each rep. 


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  • Sandra on

    12 rounds + 18 reps 🥵

  • EkwmBirZMSIvC on


  • TxuGXLnSBZab on


  • Carol Forbes on

    10 full rounds + grass burns
    Coach 13 full rounds, zero grass burns

  • STeph on

    12 full rounds so think my score is 12 not sure though 🤔

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