FRIDAY - 07-08-20

15 MIN AMRAP (As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible)

10 Step Ups

10 Lunges

10 KB Swings

Score: Total Rounds and Reps in 15 Mins

For the Step ups put your whole foot on whatever you are stepping on.  Make sure you don't allow your knee to cave in.  Press up off your heel and stand up completely.  Lower to the ground before starting the next rep.

For the Lunges, you will touch your back knee to the ground, you will take a wide enough step that the front heel stays grounded. Don't allow your knee to cave in. Step forward touch your back knee to the ground lightly and then push back from your front foot to standing before completing the next rep.

KB Swings as taught by coach.


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  • Carol Forbes on

    Error 20 rounds……coach canna count 😳

  • Carol Forbes on

    Coach and l = 21 rounds

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