SATURDAY - 27-06-20


45 secs on - 15 secs rest

Push Press

Shoulder Taps 

Over Head Lunge 


1 Minute Rest

Score: Log as completed!


For this WOD you will start the clock and cycle through the movements for 20 mins. (4 Rounds) 45 secs movement and 15 secs rest. 

Minute 1 - 45 secs Push Press, either double or single KB hand switch as required. Rest 15 secs. 

Minute 2 - 45 secs Shoulder Taps - in High plank position take your right hand off the ground and tap your left shoulder, replace your right hand to the starting position and repeat with your left hand to tap your right shoulder for 45 secs. Rest 15 secs. 

Minute 3 - 45 secs Over Head Lunge, either double or single KB, if single, complete reps on one side before switching to the other side, if double complete as alternating lunges. Rest 15 secs. 

Minute 4 - 45 secs Dips, from KB’s, the sofa, a bench. Keep your elbows back and hands close to your ribs. Rest 15 secs. 

Minute 5 - 1 Minute Rest. 

Repeat until the clock hits 20 Minutes. 



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