THURSDAY - 08-10-20


10 Burpees

10 Tuck Ups or V-Ups

10 Plank Walk Outs 

10 Ankle Taps (10 ea. side)

10 Seated Single Leg Lifts (5 ea. side)

Score: Total Rounds and Reps completed in 9 Mins

For this WOD you will complete as many rounds and reps of the above in 9 mins - (3-4 rounds)

Burpees - Jump or step back the feet perform a push up and then jump or step back in and spring back up into a jump with a clap above your head. Ensure your chest and thighs hit the floor on each rep. 

Tuck Ups - Lying on the floor on your back, Start in the Hollow Body Position with your legs out and arms out above your head.  Bring your knees into your chest, Arms following through the movement to meet in a crunch in the middle, Return to the Hollow Body Position with your arms over your head. When you are in the tuck position, you are sitting on your hips and not your back. Everything is engaged.
*V-Ups - If you can you can, do V-Ups instead: Lying on the floor on your back, Start in the hollow hold position, Keep your legs straight and bring your toes up, while at the same time lifting your upper body touching your fingers and toes together at the top forming a V with your body. Your head stays straight with your chin tucked in.  After your toes and fingers touch at the top return back and repeat the movement.
Plank Walkouts - Start in the push-up position on your hands keeping your core
nice and engaged.  There should be a straight line from your shoulders, to your hips, to your heels. Slowly walk your hands forward. Once you have walked your hands forward, slowly walk them back in to your starting position. If you feel your hips sag, don't walk your hands out so far.
Ankle Taps - Start flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor.  Lift your shoulders off of the floor, but keep your back flat to the ground. Your hands are hovering above the ground.  Tap one heel by leaning to the side then tap the other heel.  Continue to alternate, trying to get as close to your heel as you can. Feel the squeeze and repeat for 20 reps each round - 10 each side.
Seated Single Leg Lift - Sit on the floor with your back straight and your legs straight out.  Place your fingertips on the ground, the further down your legs you place your fingers, the harder the exercise becomes.  Lift and then lightly tap one leg to the ground. If this is too easy for you, you can lift both legs at the same time. Again, adjusting the placement of your hands further down your legs to increase difficulty within each variation.

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