THURSDAY 14-05-20



KB Swings 


Sit ups 

2 Min Plank 

For this WOD you will complete 10 KB swings, 1 sit up, 9 KB swings, 2 sit ups until you complete 1 KB swing and 10 sit ups. Once you have completed all reps of both movements you then have a 2 min plank.  **try to plank as long as you can up to 2 mins.

Score is total time including plank. 

KB swings as taught by coach. 

Sit ups, keep your feet on the ground and come all the way up. 

Plank, keep good form, no sagging and keep that bum down! 

Short and Sweet! 





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  • Rob Smart on

    Rob 6:22
    Clare 6:32

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    Karen 5:57
    Kadie 5:29
    Leigh 5:58

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