WEDNESDAY 13-05-20


10 Burpees
10 Lunge Left
10 Lunge Right
10 Lying Leg Lifts

Score: Total Time

For this WOD you will do 10 burpees, followed by 10 lunges on your left leg and 10 lunges on your right leg, then 10 lying leg lifts for 5 rounds total.

For the burpees make sure your chest and thighs touch the floor on each rep and then stand and jump and clap above your head to complete the rep. 

For the lunges you will complete all 10 reps on one leg before switching to the other. These may be forward stepping, reverse stepping, or walking lunges.  Make sure you take a long enough step each time that the front heel stays down, with the knee out, when the back knee lightly touches the floor.  Keep your chest up and drive through your heel to stand completely between reps.

If you are unable to lunge you can swap for step ups.

If unweighted lunges are easy, you can hold a DB or KB at your chest/shoulders.

For the lying leg lifts you will lay flat on your back, straighten your legs and lift them from flat on the floor, keeping your head and shoulder on the floor, raise your legs up so that you are at a 90 degree angle. Keep control in the decent. 

For a sub you can try lifting just one knee at a time for a total of 20 per round or swapping out a dead bug.


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