THURSDAY - 17-09-20

3 x 5 Min AMRAP

Each AMRAP is As Many Rounds and Reps as Possible in 5 Min:

6 Burpees
16 Air Squats
6 Burpees
16 Alternating Unweighted Lunges

Rest 1 Min After Each 5 Min AMRAP

For this WOD you will complete 3 x 5 Minute AMRAP's - Start the clock and complete as many rounds and reps of 6 Burpees, 16 Air Squats, 6 Burpees and 16 Alternating Lunges in 5 minutes. Note your score and rest 1 minute before starting again and completing as many rounds and reps in 5 minutes, again note your score and rest 1 minute before completing in the final 5 minutes as many rounds and reps as you can.

Burpees start standing.  Place your hands on the ground. Jump or step your feet back. Get your chest and thighs to the ground. Press to lockout (top of push up). Jump or step the feet in. Jump up and clap with arms overhead!

For the air squats - set up with feet shoulder width apart.  Reach your butt back and down, with your heels down, drive your knees out and keep your chest up.  Get your butt below your knees at the bottom and stand all the way up at the top of each rep.

You can perform forward stepping, reverse stepping, or walking lunges. Make sure you take a long enough step forward with the front leg or backward with the rear leg so that your heel can be down on the front foot when the back knee gently touches the ground. Stand all the way up between reps, bring your feet in line with each other and alternate legs with each lunge. So for each set of 16 you end up doing 8 on each side.


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    9 + 13 squats

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