THURSDAY -21-05-20


20 Single Unders (Skips), Taps or Low Step Ups

8 Single Arm Bent Over Row - Right

8 Single Arm Bent Over Row - Left

8 Plank Shoulder Taps 

Score: the time you finish at. 

For this WOD you will do 20 single unders, 8 single-arm bent over rows on both sides, then 8 plank shoulder taps for a total of 10 rounds.

For the single unders / taps / low step-ups you will do 20 per round. 

For the single arm bent over rows you will lean over against the wall, on a bench or lean on your bent knee.  Hold a single dumbbell/KB in one hand and let it hang from the shoulder, but pull the shoulder back.  Then with the chest lifted  - pull the weight to the rib cage with your elbow going back. Smooth and Controlled rows focusing on form.

For the Plank Shoulder Taps, you will start in the top of the push-up position then you will bring your right hand to your left shoulder, then take your left hand to touch your right shoulder. Try to not let your hips rotate, or allow your butt to pop up when you lift your hand up. You can do the taps on your toes, knees, or elevated from a surface. 

The Plank Shoulder Tap is 1 tap right shoulder + tap left shoulder =  1 rep.


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