TUESDAY - 02-06-20


12 Alternating Unweighted Lunges or Step Ups
6 Overhead Press

Score: Total Time

The lunges should be unweighted and alternating. This means you end up doing 6 per leg per round. These may be forward stepping, reverse stepping, or walking lunges.  Make sure you take a long enough step each time that the front heel stays down, with your knee out, when your back knee lightly touches (or comes close).  Keep your chest up and drive through your heel to stand completely between reps.

If unable to lunge you could swap for step ups.

For the overhead press you can use two KB’s or a single bell. Starting in rack position focus on keeping the rib cage down as you go to press up. Press the KB(s) until completely locked out overhead with your biceps by your ears! Then bring the KB(s) all the way down to rack position and re-set each time. 

**If you'd like to turn this into a totally bodyweight WOD you could swap the overhead press for push-ups!**


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