WEDENSDAY - 03-06-20


21 Goblet Squats

14 Hand Release Push Ups

7 Deadlifts




Bent Over Rows



50 Single Skips or 25 Double Unders

10 Burpees

Score: Total Time including rest.


Part1: 3 Rounds for Time

Ensure you keep your chest up in the goblet squats and don’t curl your back. With your feet shoulder width apart keeping your heels digging into the ground and your belly tight bring your butt back and down while driving your knees out. Try to reach depth that your butt is lower then your knees but avoid collapsing at the bottom.  Keep the chest up, belly tight and knees out. Drive through the heels to stand.

Begin in high plank to startle press up, control on the decent, elbows tracking back and hands under your shoulders, touch your body to the floor, lift your hands and inch off the floor, place them back on the floor and press back up to. the starting position.

Using a heavy Kettlebell or 2 lighter Dumbbells perform 7 deadlifts starting with the bell between your feet, hinge at the hips so your chest is over the bell.  Keep your heels down and bend the knees, pull your chest up keeping your arms straight and long.  Dig your heels into the ground and squeeze your butt keeping your arms straight. Once you are standing fully, hinge the hips and bend the knees to bring the object back to the ground keeping your chest up and back flat throughout the movement.


Part 2: 21-15-9

Snatch as taught by coach, alternating sides with each rep, so right then left, then right and so on.

For the bent over rows you will lean over holding the Kettlebells in each hand and let them hang from your shoulders, but pull the shoulders back.  Then with the chest lifted  - pull the weight to your rib cage with your elbow going back. 


Part 3: 

You can choose to do single skips with the skipping rope or taps against the KB.  If you choose to do double unders change the reps to 25 per round.

For the burpees either jump or step back the feet perform a push up and then jump or step back in and spring back up into a jump with a clap above your head. Ensure your chest and thighs hit the floor on each rep. 





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  • Carol Forbes on

    Followed the rules…. 5MINS REST in between sets
    R1 4:53
    R2 3:10
    R3 4:49
    Total incl. rest 22:35 +/-

  • Carol Forbes on

    Followed the rules 🤣 5 min rest in between sets
    R1 4:53
    R2 3:10
    R3 4:49
    Total incl rest 22:55 +/-

  • Darren Cochrane on

    R1 – 5.06
    4 min rest
    R2 – 3.00
    3 min rest
    R3 – 4.26
    Total 19.32

  • Razer on

    20kg weight.
    Time with 3 min rests 21.02.
    R1 4.38
    R2 3.30
    R3 6.54.

  • STeph on

    23.45 oocha push ups 🥵

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