TUESDAY 12-05-20

3 Rounds

Each Round is:

1 Min Jog, Row, Bike, Taps, Single Unders, Low Step Ups

20 KB/DB Deadlifts

10 Overhead Press

1 Min Jog, Row, Bike, Taps, Single Unders, Low Step Ups


Score: Total Time INCLUDING Rest

For this WOD you will do 1 minute of movement followed by 20 deadlifts, 10 overhead press and another minute of movement. Once you've finished the round, rest 1 minute, then repeat this cycle for 3 total rounds.

For the first and last part of each round, you will choose from a jog/run, row, bike, taps, single unders (jump rope), or low step ups.

For the deadlifts you will either have a single KB between the feet or a barbell.  Make sure your knees are bent, your chest is up, arms are straight, and heels are down in the set up. Lift your chest and squeeze your butt to stand! Lower by reaching your butt back and bending your knees while you keep your belly tight and chest up!

For the overhead press you can use two KB’s or a BB. Focus on keeping your rib cage down as you go to press up. Press the KB’s or BB until completely locked out overhead with the biceps by the ears! Then bring the KB / BB all the way down to the shoulders each time.

The deadlifts and presses don't have to be done with the same weight! 


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  • Karen Masson on

    Karen 10:11
    Jake 10:10
    Kadie 9:59
    Leigh 10:23

  • Amy Tyler on


  • STeph on

    BB 25kg DL & Press

  • Carol Forbes on


  • Sandra Fraser on


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