WEDNESDAY - 12-08-20


Each round is:

6 Long Cycle Press

6 Burpees

6 Long Cycle Press

6 Burpees

Rest 1 Minute

Score: Total Time Including Rest

Go for doubles if you are feeling it - if not complete 6 LC reps on your right side then complete 6 burpees then 6 LC reps on your left and then 6 Burpees, finally rest 1 minute before completing another round.  Repeat for 4 Rounds.

For the burpees - jump or step back the feet perform a push up and then jump or step back in and spring back up into a jump with a clap above your head. Ensure your chest and thighs hit the floor on each rep. 


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  • Sandra on


  • Carol Forbes on

    Coach and l 9:56 🥵🥵

  • STeph on

    9.01 Jesus it’s clammy the day

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