WEDNESDAY 29-04-20

5 Rounds

24 Alternating Unweighted Step Ups 
8 Burpees
12 Bent Over Rows 

** Bent over rows can be done both arms at the same time or one arm at a time. If single it’s still 12 each side! 

Score: Total Time

For the  step ups you will choose a height that will challenge you, but that you feel comfortable  stepping up and down. 

Make sure to put your whole foot on the step each time.  Don't allow your knee to cave in and drive out of the heel to stand completely.  Lower under control and switch feet.  Each set of 24 you will do 12 per leg.

Burpees - you got this!! 

For the bent over rows you will lean over holding a single KB in one hand and a KB in each hand and let it hang from the shoulder, but pull the shoulder(s) back.  Then with the chest lifted  - pull the weight to the rib cage with the elbow going back.  Control the up and then show control as you lower down. You will perform 12 on each side.


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