WEDNESDAY- 29-07-20


5 Rounds

5 Inchworms
10 Bent Over Row
15 KB Swings

For the inchworms you will place the hands on the ground in front of the feet.  Walk them away from your hands until you are in a plank (top of a push up) position.  From here you will perform a push up by either going to your knees, or staying on your toes.  Either way make sure that the elbows go back and that the hands are just wider than the shoulders. Keeping your belly tight to avoid snaking.  Press back up to the top of the push up, then walk the hands back to the feet and stand.

Bent over rows, hinge at the hip with your back flat. Hold the KB’s in each hand and let them hang from the shoulder, but pull the shoulder back.  Then with the chest lifted  - pull the weights to your rib cage with your elbows going back. Smooth and Controlled rows focusing on form.

KB Swings - pick a decent weight for the swings. 



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