WEEKEND WOD - 06-11-20 to 08-11-20


8 Devil Press
20 DB Hop Overs
20 Alternating Single Arm Bent Over Rows

Rest 1 Min

8 Devil Press
20 DB Hop Overs
30 Alternating Hammer Curls

Rest 1 Min

One round includes both the bent over rows and the hammer curls.

Devil Press is basically a burpee with a DB or KB in each hand, perform a burpee and on the way up clean the weights and press them above your head before going into the next rep. 

For the single arm bent over rows, hold a DB or KB in each hand and hinge forward at the hips until your torso is 10-15° above horizontal. Make sure your shoulders are drawn away from ears, lats and belly are tight and back is flat with knees slightly bent. 

Both arms start extended toward the floor. Draw your right elbow up toward the ceiling, keeping it close to the body. Bring the DB/KB to the front side of your ribcage. As you lower the weight back down, pull the left elbow up. You’ll do 10 on each side.

Keep the angle of your back the same the whole time.

For the hammer curls the Dumbbells start by your sides, palms facing inward. Keep the elbow fixed in space and tight to the body as you curl the DB up to touch the top head to the shoulder. 

Bend your knees slightly and squeeze your inner thighs. This will help you avoid swinging the hips and torso. Keep em strict!

If you don’t have DB’s for hammer curls you can switch to concentration curls - Sit on a bench that's set at a height so your knees are bent at 90° with your feet flat on the floor. Pick up your KB in your right hand and place the back of your upper right arm on the inner part of your right thigh. Your arm should be extended holding the weight off the floor. You will complete 10 reps each side.



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