MONDAY - 03-08-20


1 Min Taps or Step Ups

15 Bent Over Rows

30 Air Squats

Score: Total Time

For this WOD you will start the clock and complete 1 minute of Taps or step ups, 15 bent over rows and 30 Air squats for a total of 5 Rounds.

Taps can be against a Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Plate, Skirting.. jogging on spot ensure your toe touches the object in an alternating fashion. Or you can do Step ups.

Bent over rows, hinge at the hip with your back flat. Hold the KB’s in each hand and let them hang from the shoulder, but pull the shoulder back.  Then with the chest lifted  - pull the weights to your rib cage with your elbows going back. Smooth and Controlled rows focusing on form.

Air Squats - starting with your feet shoulder width apart. Ensure you keep your chest high and your heels digging into the ground, move your butt back and down until your butt is lower then your knees, avoid collapsing at the bottom, drive up from the bottom position and stand fully.


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