MONDAY - 13-04-20


3 Turkish Get Ups Right
6 Lateral Over DB/KB Burpees
3 Turkish Get Ups Left
6 Lateral Over DB/KB Burpees
Start on your back. Holding the KB in your right hand, extend your arm straight up in the air. Bend your right knee so your right foot is flat on the floor. Bring your left arm out to the side about 45 degrees. Keep your right arm vertical for the entire movement. Roll onto your left forearm, then up to your left hand. Sweep your left leg under and behind your right leg so some of your weight is on your left shin.

Raise your left hand off the floor and come up into a lunge position. Stand up all the way.

To complete the rep, retrace your steps back down until you are lying on your back.
For the burpees, start standing next to your dumbbell or kettlebell (not facing), bend your knees, hinge forward at the hips and plant your hands on the floor. Step or jump your feet back to a plank position. Lower knees, hips, and chest all the way down to the floor then press back up. Jump or step your feet in - then jump over the dumbbell / kettlebell. The rep is complete when you land on the other side.
Concentrate on your form throughout your Turkish get ups!

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