TUESDAY - 14-04-20

14 MIN AMRAP (As many rounds and reps as possible)

12 Push Ups

12 Alternating Step Ups

12 KB Swings


Push ups can be performed from the toes, from the knees or elevated from a surface, counter top, or box.

Make sure your elbows go back and that the hands are just wider that the shoulders.  Keep your belly tight and avoid snaking or sagging.  Go all the way down to touch your chest to the bottom and then come all the way up to the top.

For the step ups, make sure your whole foot is on the stop each time.  Lower back down under control and switch feet.  Each set of 12, you will do 6 each side - alternating feet as you go.




30 Push Ups

30 Dumbbell (or KB) Step Ups

30 Box Jumps


For the Push Ups, keep your body rigid, with your shoulders above or beyond your wrists and hands just wider than shoulders width. Squeeze your butt, thighs and belly, no sagging or snaking hips!

Keep your elbows within 45 degrees to your body as you lower your chest and thighs to make contact with the floor.  Stay engaged, press back up to the top until arms are at lockout.

For the step ups hold a weight in each hand. Keep your chest up when stepping onto the box.  If you find that your torso is tipping forward or you are feeling it in your lower back lower the height of the step/box.

Make sure and put your whole foot onto the step. Alternate feet with each step at the bottom.

* If you don’t have a step/box you can sub Farmer Lunges or Alternating Single Leg Deadlifts.

Box/Step Jumps, bend the knees and explode off the floor landing with BOTH feet on the box/step and stand all the way up.  You can either jump back down to start the next rep or step back and down one foot at a time.  

*If you don’t have a step/box or don’t want to jump you can sub for Kettlebell swings!





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