MONDAY - 17-08-20

14 Min AMRAP
(As Many Reps as Possible in 14 Min)

1 Min Rowing or Single Unders or Taps

1 Min Step Ups

So you will complete 7 Rounds TOTAL of each.

Score: Total Reps of Step Ups ONLY! 
Start the clock and complete a full minute of rowing, Single unders or taps and in minute 2 complete as many Step Ups as possible, in Minute 3 back to rowing, single unders or taps and Minute 4 as many step ups as possible. Repeat this until the clock hits 14! 

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  • Carol Forbes on

    Coach 210 off chair 🪑 😳

  • Carol Forbes on

    174 off chair…. legs like lead 🦵

  • Sandra on


  • STeph on


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