THURSDAY - 04-06-20


1 Min Max Upright Rows

1 Min Push Ups

1 Min KB Swings 

1 Min Squats 

Score: Total Reps Completed for entire WOD.


For the upright row begin with both hands on the KB or DB’s with your arms locked out straight, lead with the elbows and bring the KB / DB’s up to just below your chin so your elbows finish up around the height of your ears. Lower back down slow and controlled to the starting position.

Push ups can be performed from the toes, from the knees or elevated from a surface, counter top, or box.

KB Swings as taught by Coach.

For the Air squats, start with your feet shoulder width apart. Ensure you keep your chest high and your heels digging into the ground, move your butt back and down until your butt is lower then your knees, avoid collapsing at the bottom, drive up from the bottom position and stand fully.





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  • Carol Forbes on

    415 Total
    Rows 98
    Pushups 66
    Swings 125
    Squats 126

  • Razer on

    540 reps. 20kg bell

  • Darren Cochrane on

    Rows 37/32/35/36
    Push Ups 30/29/28/27
    Swings 39/39/39/40
    Squats 41/43/46/46
    Total 587 (14kg bell only)

  • Sandra on


  • Karen Masson on

    Karen 93/92/153/128 = 466
    Jake 94/120/150/146 = 510
    Kadie 81/79/144/113 = 417
    Leigh 82/59/151/119 = 411

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