WEDNESDAY 08-04-20


20 Mountain Climbers

15 KB Swings

7 Burpees

Pretty straight forward, just get after it and ENJOY!


If you want some accessory work add in either of these BEFORE the WOD.


Overhead Squat - 15 MINS to establish 2 Rep Max (warm up first and then start the clock when you are ready to load weight to your bar.

Then, Front Squat - 6 MIN EMOM x 4 Front Squats (Every Minute on the Minute)

Pick a heavy Weight. You will do 4 front squats every minute on the minute for 6 Minutes.


Pause Bench Press (6 sets of 5 reps)

3 Second Pause at the bottom of your bench press (Or Floor Press)

Keeping your hands just outside your shoulders and pressing your butt into the bench or floors throughout the lift.  Lower the BB/DB’s/KB’s to the chest under control, keeping your elbows in. Hold for 3 seconds and then press to lockout at the top.

Then 10 MIN EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute)

Odd Mins: Max Reps Deficit Push Ups

Even Mins: Max Power Cleans (Choose a Weight you can get 10 or so in the minute in singles.  No touch and go!

OR  add in either of these AFTER the WOD.


10 Good Mornings

20 No Touch Sumo Deadlifts

For the good mornings, Place a bar or KB behind your neck, start standing and reach your butt back as the chest reaches forward, focus on maintaining a rigid spine and flat back.  Go to 90 degrees, squeeze your butt to stand.



30 Secs PlankUP Downs

30 Secs Hollow Rock

30 Secs Rest

For the plank up downs start on your elbows, come up to the palm on one hand, then the other until you are in the top of a push up, then lower to one elbow and then the other, alternate which hand/elbow goes each time.

For the hollow rocks you will lie on your back put your feet out with your legs straight as possible and your hands above your head with the biceps by the ears. Draw in your belly pulling your ribs down and pressing your lower back into the ground. From there use your abs and core to rock you back and forth, keeping your shoulders off the ground and your lower back pressed into it. 


32 MIN EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute for 32 Minutes)

Min 1 - 12 Around the Worlds

Min 2 - Rest

Min 3 - 12 Pull Over

Min 4- Rest

Min 5 - 15 High Close Grip Front Raise

Min 6 - Rest

Min 7 - 15 Pec Fly

Min 8 - Rest

Start the clock and repeat this for 32 mins.

* Pull overs - lie on a bench or the floor and hold DB / BB / KB above your chest with a small bend at you elbows and bring the weight over your head and down behind your crown working your triceps then raise them back to over your chest to finish the rep - ensure your ribs are pulled down and your lower back is pressed to the bench or floor throughout.

*Front Raises, hold the DB’s / BB in front of you with your palms facing down. This time when you raise the DB’s out in front of you, keep raising them until they are all the way overhead, keep a slight bend in your elbows throughout.

*Pec Flys, lie on a bench or floor with your arms extended straight up into the air with a small bend in your elbows.  Keep your ribs drawn down toward your hips to avoid overarching your back as you lower the DBS out to the sides.  They should be at the height of and inline with your shoulders. Squeeze your inner pecs together to raise your arms back up into the air.

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