WEDNESDAY - 01-04-20


1 Min Taps

12 Goblet Squats to Press

6 Upright Rows


As many rounds and reps as you can in 10 mins.

Taps can be against a Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Plate, Skirting.. jogging on spot ensure your toe touches the object in an alternating fashion.  You can change these for single skips or Double Unders.

Ensure you keep your chest up in the goblet squats and don’t curl your back. With your feet shoulder width apart keeping your heels digging into the ground and your belly tight bring your butt back and down while driving your knees out. Try to reach depth that your butt is lower then your knees but avoid collapsing at the bottom.  Keep the chest up, belly tight and knees out. Drive through the heels to stand and press the weight overhead.

For the upright row begin with both hands on the KB or DB’s with your arms locked out straight, lead with the elbows and bring the KB / DB’s up to just below your chin so your elbows finish it and up around the height of your ears. Lower back down slow and controlled to the starting position.



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